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Right that's done the complicated way oh blogger why? Here is the emails to Mr. Evans a copy of the last covers it all and as Mr. Evans failed in his final 5 days notification I feel that this blog is totally justified, given that today is Friday the 23rd of July 2010 ie. that's 11 days from the first email to the 2nd and 7days from the 2nd email so I guess there is no intention of replying eh Mr. Evans.

The follow up‏
From: david gabriel
Sent: 16 July 2010 14:23:04

Hi Mr. Evans Clare

below is a copy of the automatic reply from your system Jonathan. With the if we haven't got back to you in 5 days please resend. So I am resending. I know that nobody is going to investigate Julie Morgan for Malfeasance in my case, or investigate various Ministers at the Welsh Assembly or the Commissioner of Standards in parliament for the self same crime. In fact I am quite used to being discriminated against by anyone I have had the temerity to contact over various issues relating to the treatment of vulnerable adults, least of all by Cardiff county Council towards this tenant.

So am I to find myself naming you Jonathan as yet another discriminator against myself and other vulnerable adults in your constituency?

I guess another 5 days will tell me the answer to that question.
Yours as ever David Gabriel You know the address.

Auto Reply‏
From:Jonathan Evans (
Sent:07 July 2010 14:10:12
To:; Crazydave@emailleftoutforprivacy

Thank you for your email. This acknowledgement has been triggered electronically and I have not yet had a chance to read your message.
I receive a large number of emails and letters each day, but I will aim to respond as soon as I can, however please do not be disappointed if you do not receive an immediate reply. My office and I try to handle everything quickly and efficiently - but complex issues may need time. So if your query is urgent please ring my constituency office on 029 2061 3539

If you are a constituent of mine could you please ensure that you have included your full name, postal address and telephone number(s) in your e-mail. If not, please resend with the information as I cannot reply without it and this will also speed up a reply. (Please note, there is a strict Parliamentary rule within the House of Commons that MPs may only act upon the substance of communication from their own constituents).

It will be very unusual if you have not had a response within 5 days, but please email again with a reminder.
Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

Jonathan Evans MP
Member for Cardiff North

From: David Gabriel
To:;; Subject: Welcome to my world

Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 14:05:10 +0000

Hi both,

Mr. Evans i am a constituent of yours I wouldn't presume that Jonathan Morgan has mentioned me but he may have. Today I am giving you the link to my blog site, where there are an impressive range of blogs art works and videos for you to look at at your leisure. It is .

I have included Clare Hutchinson in this following her article on the Equality Human Rights Commission supposedly doing a study into the abuse of Vulnerable Adults. You will see my attempts in the blogs and videos to gain the aid of that organisation to the discrimination that I have received at the hands of Uncle Tom Cobbley n All or my more oft repeat calling them The usual Suspects. The so called Great and Good i.e. Mp's House of Lords Members, Welsh Assembly members and all Cardiff County Councillors and other notables in the Media. All it appears to no avail.

That none have had the decency to aid me in a simple house move so that I am no longer in sufferance, can only highlight the despite that I have received so far. The previous MP for Cardiff North Julie Morgan like Jonathan my Assembly Member refuse to respond to emails sent, and that is Malfeasance yet I have been unable to get a reply to emails from the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner with that complaint, and the Welsh Assembly as a whole have had a good laugh at my expense.

Do I expect any difference from you Mr. Evans, not really but I felt it is my duty not only to myself but to other vulnerable adults living in the UK to point the blog address out to you, and to Clare given what she has written regarding the EHRC whom I feel are another organisation who aid n abet the Criminal Negligence of myself in particular and other VA's in General by not taking up my case. That is it for today.

I wonder if either of you will surprise me but somehow I think both of your organisations will advise you not to reply.

Yours David Gabriel (address given but removed for privacy) aka Crazydave.

Guess you were right eh Crazydave! Looks that way and I wonder what the ODD's are of South Wales Police and the Met Police doing Jack S on your behalf like interviewing Mr. Evans mr. Morgan the Whole Welsh Assembly Government as well as Mr. Cameron under caution a 1,000,000 to 1 Crazydave. Yep and that Criminal but the CPS wont interfer or the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) cos they are complicit in it as well. Story of the decade Crazydave? I think so.

Right so in the video you hear mention of the Consumer Council for Wales Water meeting that I attended well here is an email that went after the meeting, where I must say that I was treated with the utmost courtesy its only a shame that Delme Bowen of Cardiff County Council could not have stayed to hear my question as I had his cos maybe the Chair might have asked him some very pertinent questions about the refusing to do some rudimentary plumbing on this tenants behalf.

16 July 2010 14:09:40

Hi Ceri

Thanks for the email. I am still thinking about the best way forward, after speaking at the meeting. I would like to know that in future anyone who is on a limited income and has a debt, that if they have been consistently paying off the debt for 2 years do get the outstanding written off without having to tell the water companies what they spend their minimum income on. I really think the legislation ought to have set a bench mark on what they consider to be minimum income ie £90 per week £120 whatever.

I would also like Cardiff County Council taken to task over refusing to do a minor alteration to the down pipe so that it could go into my barrels and also like to have them install similar systems for tenants who are on metering. There must be a really cheap source of the blue barrels that I am using as you see them all the time on allotments. They have helped to save me a heck of alot of money on watering my garden and for flushing the loo, I just bucket the water from them to the wheelie bin I have in the bathroom. then bucket that into the loo that's if I have not used the bath for a while.

The sustainability committee at the Welsh Assembly have refused to reply to any of these issues, which is odd and the south east of England customers could certainly make use of them. Although I think they would be better supplied with more water towers, and maybe one or two more desalination plants to convert sea water seeing as we are surrounded by the stuff. But I appreciate cost.

Chatting to Bob Vaughan at the end of the meeting I did ask if the Water Company had any plans at producing gas from the sewage, and he said that they are in Cardiff to run the sewage treatment. He also mentioned that in a previous company all the vehicles were run by gas, and also that there are a heck of alot of wage treatment plants in the uk. I think that if the water companies want to cut cost maybe they could produce gas to run their own vehicles on via the sewage and save themselves money over time. That or be generating energy to sell to the grid again reducing their running costs. Across the uk as a whole I am sure that they could make quite an impact and thus reduce cost to the consumer.

Feel free to put that to them I have made a blog about gas production, but as ever the Ministers at the Welsh Assembly do not respond. Even to Freedom of info requests to the siting of sewage plants in Wales. As rural communities might benefit from any energy production from sewage use.

It seems that my new MP for Cardiff North Jonathan Evans (Con) is doing the same as the previous Julie Morgan (Lab) in not responding to emails, I wonder how many of the single elderly in this constituency would benefit from a simple cheap roof water collection system to lesson their water poverty. But then I am well used to being discriminated against as you will see from the blog files.

All the best David
Well Mr. Cameron a good idea converting the water company vehicles to Gober Gas or what seeing that Oil is only going to get more and more expensive as time goes by? Produced by the sludge at the sewage treatment plants, making use of human excreta rather than wasting it. Excellent idea Crazydave! Yeah well that and lets help the single elderly catch some of the munificence of this planet and this country by having simple cheap as chips roof water collection systems in place for them shall we. Especially for those who are on low low incomes, and the recycling these blue barrels or producing them cheaper than you can get at garden centre or off the water companies.

Some other points Mr. Cameron rather that having the Bomb Disposal Experts trying to defuse IED's in Afghanistan why not just get them to do a controlled explosion and save their lives. I would go so far as to suggest the MOD are guilty of corporate manslaughter in making them defuse them, and if they wanna see how they are made send a robot with a mobile x-ray, after all why bother risking a mans life to no good purpose? They've had to rebuild the road where the previous BDE's have been blown to bits haven't they?

Meanwhile can someone tell me why there has been no investigation into Cardiff County Councils Rent Revenue Account and the so called rent rebates they claim they give out to the tune of £30 million per annum? Corporate Fraud Mr. Cameron with Council tenants and Social Housing provision in Cardiff suffering due to it.

See this video below then explain how it is that the they are now showing £30 million in rent rebates in the General Fund. Housing Benefit is paid via the individual from central government to the landlord, not like these accounts would suggest that it comes from the Council to the council. It is Fraud pure and simple and if these tenancies had been in Housing Association hands that account over the Ten Years that I have been raising questions about it would be £3oo Million better off. You might also take on board the part in the above video that it is as easy for the Council to borrow from the Banks as it is a private landlord, yet they have not and again Social Housing Provision has suffered.

I would also say that it is even easier for a government that owns banks to borrow money at an advantageous interest rate to either purchase or build housing where they know that the tenants are long term benefit recipients and thus guaranteed the rent payments than a Council. The 'are you nuts' part of the video headline is for Council Housing that is accounted for in this manner. Pity the Country as a whole did not promote Social Housing as a way forward for the majority, as housing decent housing with adequate sound insulation ought to be a right not a privilege.

So can I have the public inquiry and if you refuse to instigate one can you Mr. Cameron can you advise me as to how I go about getting one myself. Because Mr. Jonathan Evans MP (conservative) sure as heaven ain't going to is he?



Hi People

Here is the reply that I finally did recieve from my MP. Guess if I hadn't done the blog I wouldn't have had that Eh Mr. Evans? So here it is.

RE: The follow up ‏ 23/07/2010
To 'david gabriel'
From: Jonathan Evans (

Sent: 23 July 2010 17:09:19
To: 'david gabriel' (@)

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your message of the 7th July 2010.

Let me outline my role as your Member of Parliament. It will be to raise on your behalf specific matters where my intervention may be necessary as your MP. I will not be responding to generalized emails forwarded to a wide range of individuals but will certainly respond if an individual message is sent to me relevant to an issue upon which I am able to assist you as your Member of Parliament.

I must, however, point out that I have served as a Member of the European Parliament over the course of the last 10 years and I have, from time to time, received some of your generic emails which seem to be addressed to most MPs, Ministers, AMs and major figures in the media. Such generalized communications are not matters upon which I have ever felt able to respond as none related to a specific issue on which I could assist.

I hope that this is of some assistance to you in focusing attention on the matters where I consider I have a responsibility to you as your Member of Parliament.

Let me finally indicate that I do not consider that it is appropriate for me as your MP to be engaged in taking up any of your complaints regarding my predecessor Julie Morgan, or my Assembly colleague, Jonathan Morgan. These are issues that you must deal with them on directly.

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans MP
Member of Parliament for Cardiff North

Here was my reply the odd thing with email its all GMT meaning that Mr. Evans sent the email at just gone 1800hrs on the Friday the blog was sent to the Usual Suspects around about 17oohrs.

From: david gabriel (@)
Sent: 23 July 2010 21:24:04

Your to late Mr. Evans in this reply and if you look as you say you have at my blogs from time to time then you will know that they are specific in lots of areas directly relating to me, and my housing situation. That you did nothing regarding them during your tenure as a MEP just adds insult to injury. ie you have aided and abetted in Malfeasance and criminal negligence towards myself by a whole host of people on specific issues.

Yours as ever Crazydave

And now is the Time to correct Mr. Evans in a few of his errors Eh Crazydave! Thats right.

1) These are not Generic emails Mr. Evans. That I send them in batches rather than as individual emails is that it saves me a great deal of time in posting (the wonder of modern technology eh Crazydave! exactly) rather than me having to copy paste copy paste copy paste email addresses to each of the blogs/letters to individuals or post letters to them through snail mail at inordinate cost is the beauty of email.

That I have to do this is because my previous MP and AM refused to act on my behalf, and I attempted to draw a wide range of attention from the So Called Great and Good to their Criminal Activities. All apparently in Vain. That your Ego balkes at being included and your name not at the head of the letter is not my problem. I trust that all members of the Usual Suspect club will insert their name where they find Mr. Evans or Mr. camerons in this and all past present and future blogs or shall we call them letters, cos after all that is what they are to me.

2) lets deal with a specific issue in this blog and the video that deals with the Rent Revenue Account shall we. I have been asking on Social Media Sites. 'Would there be £30 million in Rent Rebates showing in the Genral Fund if all of Cardiff County Councils tenancies were now in Housing Association hands' I think you will find the answer is 'No there would not be this figure showing in Expenditure in the Genheral Fund Mr. Evans' That is if your willing to ask the appropriate person at Cardiff County Council the question.

That the Ombudman had the gaul to say that my conclusions could be misleading when I first enquired into that figure showing in the Rent Revenue Account, and I find out from a conservative councillor that it had been moved at the Welsh Assemblies request to the General Fund I find worthy of a Public Inquiry in itself.

In this current 'Age of Austerity' (Heck you've been living like that for years Crazydave) You would think that the Council would be over joyed at not having this figure in expenditure so that they would have £30 million more to spend on front line services. But not them, it would raise to many questions in the Public Minds eh Crazydave, Like. 'How different would Social Housing have been in Cardiff if this transfer had been made 20 years ago' enough for you to have had the bungalow your mental health issues would have been better served by eh Crazydave? Enough that the Council would not have been putting up rent year in year out because the game has been rigged or call it by it real name 'Corporate Fraud'

ie. if they can run council housing with a -£30 million fiddle every year in Cardiff. Then rents could be cut in half if the game wasn't rigged, that ought to save Central Government a small fortune in so called housing benefit payments eh Mr. Evans?

Because the council don't pay any rent rebates Central Government does, all the council does is administer the payments on CG's behalf. Then we would really see how private landlords have been ripping off the system and all with the nod off local authorities who refused to question any of these things, because they like to divest themselves of any resposibility.

If you look at the Rent Revenue Account now you will find that they have been using depreciation to rob it yet again of £30 million. Depreciation? How do they arrive at that figure, all you see in the Tenant Times is oh what a wonderful Council we are upgrading our Tenancies surely that puts up the value of the stock not depreciates it.
How do they arrive at the £30 million figure and for how many years can they get away with that, till the stock gets a value of -£30 million and I can buy the whole lot off them for £1 (a quid). There ought to be an inquiry into that as well, but it would appear that you havent in the passed been to bothered about it, so what is the likelyhood of you being bothered about it now? Like you Mr. Evans agreeing that 'It really is Time a public inquiry was called into the accounting of this Rent Revenue Account now and in the past!'
3) Another specific issue, mentioned in the first of the videos in this blog. That of Housing Officers attempts to constructively evict me, not that the Ombudsman cares two hoots about that either. Or that they allow other Cardiff County Council employees to make investigations of other County Council Employees. Abit like the bad old days when the Police used to investigate complaints about the Police.

Not that the IPCC is any improvement in that regards (oh another specific issue there Crazydave the IPCC and complicity in Criminal Negligence and intellectual property theft). Are you likely to demand an apology from the one who said that my back garden was a mess? When the people in n13 wanted to erect a laplock fence, hell there ought to be questions asked at an inquiry into complicity by the Ombudsman into why did you not demand on Mr. gabriel's behalf for the erection of a permanent wooded fence between his and 15a part of the garden? Especially as other Council Tenants have it on their propeties.
4) I will be posting the reply I had from the Ombudsman concerning the first part of this blog, and if you read all the correspondence since my asking the public question way back when at a Full Council meeting, you will also find that the 'Where the hecks the new back door that was supposed to be fitted at the Time of the new Front door?'
The Ombudsman never ever addressed that issue even though it was mentioned often enough by me have a re-read Mr. Evans and that again is another act of ommission another piece of complicity in Criminal Negligence by the Ombudsman Mr. Evans. I trust that your feeling personally addressed enough in this blog to raise some of these issues with demands for 'Christ sake this has gone on for far to long, I demand a public inquiry for Crazydave'.
5) Oh and what about the District Valuer Crazydave don't miss that department out. Because of the Sub-Division ot the property the District Valuer rates it higher than that of a non-divided property. I sure would like the son of a bitch to live under me at n15 for a month or two to show them the error of there ways. They would soon come to the conclusion as I have that given the sub-standard conversion of the property that the tenants ought to enjoy a LESS THAN THAT OF A NON DIVIDED PROPERTY RATEABLE VALUE.

See the Washing machine videos did you Mr. Evans, have a good old laugh about that did you?
Maybe if the Welsh Assembly government had called for the Rateable Value of the property to be questioned I would not have ended up paying the water company £618 per annum out of the pittance in Social Security payments my retirement on health grounds pays me. But then they were unwilling to write a simple email to the Water Company asking for the a) debt I had been paying to be written off after my two years of consistent repayment. b) reducing the rateable value to that of a similar house in the are with the charge divided by 2.
6) Here is a photo of the article that clare Hutchinson put her name to regarding the Equality Human Rights Commission:

Not that the EHRC seemed to care about any of the intimidation or threats of violence or threats to burn down your property eh Crazydave?
Seems like they were only to happy to allow it to continue. That and other acts of discrimination that the blog file documents so clearly. I would say that I have never seen anyone document to the degree that I have such a clear case of discrimination from a whole host of people. From Cardiff County Council officials both elected and un-elected, from Welsh Assembly Members all the way to the Prime Minister and the House of Lords. So you will have to excuse me if I call the EHRC HYPOCRITS, with this investigation that they claim to be making on the vulnerables behalf. In Crazydave case you might say they have aided n abetted Criminal Negligence by not taking up his case eh Mr. Evans.
In supplying them with a copy of this blog/letter I did put in a freedom of information request for a new listing of the board of commissioners email addresses as so many of the ones that I have have since left the organisation, any chance that it was todo with claims of complicity in Criminal Negligence Crazydave? A tad neurotic to think that Mr. Evans I am still waiting for that but as its only been a week since the request I guess that they are still with acceptable time scale for a reply.
7) Time for the latest from the local government ombudsman to this blog: Dear Mr Gabriel

Thank you for your email which you have copied to the Ombudsman’s office; However, I would like to advise you that the Ombudsman does not act on copy correspondence.

We have also previously advised you how to make a complaint to the Ombudsman and I note that to date we have not yet received a new complaint from you regarding any of the issues contained in your emails. Therefore, I would like to inform you that as we do not have a live complaint from you we are going to take the following action.

I should tell you that the Ombudsman has a ‘Policy on Unacceptable Actions by Complainants’, which can be found via the following link; I would like to draw your attention to section 3.1.3 of the policy.

Each complaint received is considered on its own merits but, and as we have not received a new complaint from you, and our resources are not limitless, we reserve the right to act where we believe that a person’s actions make unreasonable demands upon us. This is especially important when such actions begin to affect our ability to consider complaints from other people.

As already stated, your recent correspondence has been considered in the light of this policy and, in the hope that we can avoid invoking it; I am asking you not to contact this office again unless you want to make a complaint directly to us, as your emails will be deleted at source.

Yours sincerely

Carol Cutajar
Casework Support Officer
Complaints Advice Team
Public Service Ombudsman for Wales
1 Ffordd yr Hen Gae
CF35 5LJ
Tel: 01656 641150

What I find remarkable Mr. Evans is that there are still unanswered questions from last years complaints. Ones that the Ombudsman appears to have totally ignored one such is the 'Excuse me but where is the new back door that was supposed to be supplied with the new front door?' That simple question appears to have slipped right by the Ombudsman.

There is also the 'Why have the council consitently refused to put up a fence between my and 15a garden?' Other council tenants in the area have them so why not this one? I have repeatedly asked that of the Ombudsman but yet again something else they like to ignore. Why because it seems to me that these Civil Servants enjoy playing games with complainants.
Eleven years after making the first complaint about the inadiquate floor to ceiling sound insulation the property still does not conform to minimum building standard regulations, that appears acceptable to the LGO. They never follow up to see if the works have been carried out to the necessary standard. They take it on good faith that the council has done what they claim, and they consistently ignore certain aspects of complaints, even those of breeches by the council of Human Rights Legislation.

Is it because they might one day apply for a job with a Council or is it that they actively ingauge in discrimination themselves with other council employees? Because that its what their Negligence to my complaints smack of, and who can you complain to about their Negligence no one.
You ought to check on the payments they recommend as suitable redress for councils failing other complainants by the LGO Mr. Evans and the paultry ammount that they recommended that the council pay me way back when, to see that active discrimination was at work there as well. Let alone being let down on so many other things that effect my day to day life in my own home, because of their failings or active discrimination.

8) Now to deal with Edwina Hart during her tenure as the Justice Minister and my request for Political Asylum in an EU Country where my Medical Cannabis use was not Criminalised. You will have to admit this Country sends individuals all over the EU for one reason or another at the Tax Payers expense be they Educational swops n the like. So its not that as far fetched a request as some might think.

You will see that my own dealings with the medical Profession and my Mental Health issues have been frought with challenges not least their prescribing certain anit depressants all of which have had adverse side effects on me. The list are Prosac, Seroxat and Cipramil. I have still to hear if you have read the blogs from Bro Taff health authority how many suicides there have been in the uk from patients prescribed Seroxat? I am still waiting to hear how many patients were sectioned while taking Cipramil.

I have written enough of the appointment with a psychiatrist for a assesment for the eligibility for a Social Workers assistance and his game playing. The refusal of the Domicillary visit to conduct the assesment by my GP at that time etc etc and the rigmarole of the complaint proceedure that ended with the convenor dismissing the complaint.

It seems to me that the Medical Profession and the Political Elite bury their heads in the sand regarding Cannabis. That my lungs are not in a healthy state as they could be, is in part due to my limited finance and the lack of any scientific trial into ingestion Cannabis in its natural state in a form other than via smoking. That other like myself have to deal with the vagries of supply on the black market is something else again. That I choose to self medicate with this rather than pop the pills a GP recommends does not make me a Criminal. But why the refusal by Edwina Hart to give assistance.

You only have to look at the reply she gave during a debate on the GP who was supplying Heroin to users in Liverpool to know that her own bias towards anyone one using a substance other than that not declared lawful are anathema to her.

It still remains that the assistance was denied me. I do not have the funds myself to make the move or I would do but then why should I be made to flee the country of my birth for the likes of Welsh Assembly Members or MP who cannot fullfill their legal duties to me? I can only hope that my efforts in the past made the ban on Seroxat happen. But I wonder what new drug the pharmacutical industry is fostering on those who have mental health issues. How many more Valium addicts is it going to create, and what real evidence is there that the pills the GP's recommend have the effect the drug companies claim.

How many other products are having the effects of Seroxat or Cipramil that GP's are failing to take note of and recommend their banning? Because either they don't give a damn or like my then GP never equated my robust demand for a domicillary visit and my argumentative nature to the pill he recommended that I pop? Given that was not my state when he first prescribed it.
I see everyone saying client lead services but when the clients start to recommend stuff that the Political Elite don't like oh how the client lead service soon comes to a stop. My physical health would be better if I had been allowed to grow my own in my own back garden and ingest as a food stuff, where I was not paying over the odds on the black market or where it was available via a GP so that supply and demand was instantaneous. But I guess that you will not help with this either. Odd given the range of creativity I have displayed over the years doing this political activism stuff.

9) Odd that in the Sue Ryder shop in Whitchurch village before it shut down I saw a poor copy of my frog sculpture. Have you seen that? I have applied to the ARts Council to see if I could get any assistance in having it reproduced en-mass but no joy. Pity that I havent any ties with China or business acumen to have them reproduce it in millions and make £1 from each one sold I recon my time as a Social Security receipient would end with that. Odd that noone in the Welsh Assembly feels the same maybe you could help with that.

I just thought that I would mention it. Seems to me that all sorts of other people are recieving help to get their art works or craft works repreduced. Maybe it would help with the GDP of Wales maybe it raises the question of where does arts funding go. Not the Lone individual eh Crazydave big organisations maybe but the lone individual ha! The bueaurocrats of the Arts world do nicely not the creatives.


Its a shame really all the local dog walkers appeared to like it. So are you likely to ring the Parks department on my behalf Mr. Evans and say that this is just waht the Prime Minister is recommending people should do, or seeing as how its me that created it ring em up and say 'carry on with my blessing' I am going to leave it at that for today a couple of urls below part of the documentary videos I shot while doing this bit of guerilla gardening.

Ownership there's a funny thing now isn't it. Who owns the Council? The people of the city? or the non-elected officials? why no name to this bit of paper why no date? Was it just a ruse? are they going to want to charge me clearance money, and will the footsoldiers do as the generals say without question? Ya mien oberfuhrer. Or naff of I think its great?


It all started on the 9th May 2010
The thoughts you have while gardening eh Crazydave yep Cameron Complicit in The Criminal Negligence self evident I would have thought your worshipfullness. 18th may 2010.

Art Work Earth Work

State murder and the arrest of Christopher Coke
31st May and the Israelies are at it again killing those who want to help the Palistinians. A simple solution that even a looney like me can figure out
The last Spring It sure does feel that way so this was my parting gift so to speak, a vision of what could be.

Thats it from me on this update seeing as its now Sunday 1st August 2010, and I would like to have the update in the Usual Suspects hands by Monday. Here is to free food in the Urban Environment. Sorry about any spelling errors the checker doesn't appear to want to digest this update.

Love n Light Crazydave.

Hi People
Looks like the new boss is the same as the old boss. Or Mr. Jonathan Evans MP for Cardiff North appears to be carrying on the tradition set by Julie Morgan the former MP for Cardiff North, and his co-conservative AM Mr. Jonathan Morgan in not replying to correspondence from Crazydave.

Between the pair of them they are receiving £100,000 per annum from the public purse yet they like to pick and choose which of their constituents they assist and those they ignore. It is a criminal offence but the previous Chief Constable of South Wales Police failed in her duty to investigate the claims, although I did enough to notify her. So far I haven't bothered making the complaint to the new Chief Constable figuring whats the point, they are as corrupt as Mr. Evans Mr. Morgan and all The Usual Suspects.

Here then is the correspondence to prove the point. I doubt if the Walesonline South Wales Echo co-receiver is all that bothered either about the Discrimination of this constituent by Mr. Evans or Uncle Tom Cobbly n All but for those who look at the list of blogs they will find that Clare Hutchinson has done an article on the Equality Human Rights Commission and the abuse of Vulnerable Adults. She also hasn't had the decency to reply or investigate the claims that indeed the EHRC has been active in the discrimination of Crazydave, just like everyone else.

So Prime Minister Cameron, one of the Usual Suspect for so long yourself, never venturing to ask pertinent questions of Gordon Brown during his tenure as Prime Minister about his MP's who discriminate against their constituents or chastise Welsh Assembly Members of your party who do likewise, are you going to allow Mr. Evans to do the same, is the speaker of the House of Commons Mr. Bercow going to allow Mr. Evans or the Commissioner for Standards to ignore this blog, or all the others, by not responding to my emails. Seems corruption is endemic within the political elite in the UK. With every side of the political spectrum covering everyone Else's backsides, and social justice can take a hike cos we are alright Jack.

Here is the latest video of mine on Youtube, I am not a carpenter and nothing is permanent in my garden but it suffices for me. I doubt that Mr. Evans will give a flying frig about the issues outlined or demand on my behalf an apology from the Housing Officer or call for an inquiry as to why nobody did anything on my behalf all these years with regards the water charge I was forced to pay due to discrimination by All n Sundry